Sandalphon's Toribrawl Tournament
hey dl and lp me.
can u make it smaller and better?
Have any questions? Need help? PM me!
I look for a texture that leaves my flames coolest (:
rather it is a color style adamantiun
much it will cost this texture?
Sorry for not responding, I was on a 3-day-trip with my school. :3

Sure I can do bats
Color same as flame is now?

Sure I can make your particles smaller...
What's better?

Do you want me to make a shoe particle? xD
Please post some reference

How much the texture will cost?
Depends... I still don't get what you want me to do

I'll probably do it tomorrow, I just got back and I'm kind of tired...
I hope you guys understand :3
EPIC Flame particle texturing SHOP
kinda inactive though
Hey drive, do you think you could /dl and /lp me so that you can match my head flame to the color of my textures? I dont want any texture for the flame just for the color to match.
P.S. my force is shaman and relax is gold.

Well I could make your head flame shaman, but the color of your hand flames is completely random... no matter what texture I use, they'll still be completely random...
If I used a texture that would make other flames shaman, half of your particles would be shaman, the other half would be something lighter than shaman, like yellow, or light blue and whatnot...
Get what I mean?


How about that?
EPIC Flame particle texturing SHOP
kinda inactive though
nah i actaully want the nike 6.0 logo the same on in teh reference i gave u