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I make flames, good ones.
Alright, so with the push of someone I've decided to finally make a flame thread of my own.

I make flames, I don't charge extra fees for them. You only need to supply the tc for me to make them.

Please, if you want me to make you a flame different from the ones I have posted onto this, PM me and I'll see what I can do ! I can also alter the colors and sizes of the particles, I don't think it adds onto the total cost. Though if you want more/less particles on a flame, I know for a fact it adds/subtracts tc from the total cost.







I've recently decided I can also try to make handflames of any sort.

You can reach me faster by contacting me on Discord. Furryprints#5222
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This man has been my go-to-guy for flames for a long time, the first one he forged for me was a massive globe flame, one of the biggest to date, and it cost 189k to forge, that was fucking cheap for that thing, and he takes no fee, just the forge cost. Also if you dl me, he made the head and foot flames for me to match the hand flames I already had. This man is amazing and you should all give him requests because I forced him to open this thread and I the only reason he did is because he loves forging.
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People would make stable flames using a glitch, they have patched that so they can't work, the glitched ones that is. I can make a stable legitimately using the forge, thus making it show up and everything.
Do you have any of the ring flames already forged? I'd love to see how it works in game. I just had a mess around in the flame forge today, and it is not easy. Nice work man.

Also, what is a stable flame?
Yeah, I've forged a few ! Olaugh currently has both a large and a regular sized one if you want to see. ID: 3168 and ID: 3199

A Stable flame is a flame that does not move on your head, you can upload pictures to suit it, like horns and stuff, I'd post an example, but I myself do not have a flame particle texture at the moment.
Would you be able to make one of those Large Ring Flames, with the color Rainbow?
Yes, I can make a rainbow one.
I have to say though, if I used the amount of particles I used in my screening of the flame, but in rainbow, it looks a bit faded. (30 emit amount)

If I bump up the particles to 50 emit amount, it actually looks properly rainbowey.
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