Sandalphon's Toribrawl Tournament
I got bored. Decided to make Splinter a mod of this board.

Have fun.
5:13 PM - vasp: everybody's nuts is so good
[00:18:38] <&vespesi3n> you should see when i swallow
[21:49:37] <&vespesi3n> >my mouth when
[21:49:43] <&vespesi3n> >my tastebuds when
On a side note isnt that robot in your sig from universe at war :o

and grats splint :3
Ishi4admin Wh-ORMO
Beware, or Splinter will boomkick you out. ;o (AKA gratz)

Hey guys i can edit posts! Nice pun btw. ~Splinter
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==========X BLAAAAAAAAARG!!!

Lol. Gratz.
<apple> Fine, I love you in the gayest of ways.
I've kind of been in a period where i'm either unable to make replays, or just don't feel like it right now... Even if i try, nothing good comes out. It bugs me. >.>


<Blam|Homework> oiubt veubg
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:O Hesgotanewavatar

Also, I know what you mean shook, I've had the same sort of problem in the last month or two myself.