Sandalphon's Toribrawl Tournament
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I just noticed how big the hole is.

What you really should be noticing is the scale between Mr. Shinyscalp and the tank. =P
But anyways, the hole is that big because... Well, if you blow a hole in the bottom of a wall, the section above it will be destabilized, and would likely collapse a little. That doesn't explain the arch, though. >.>

He's meaner than he looks.
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@Navy seal pic: My ass you drew it. It's the first image result if you google "Navy seal".

What are you trying to pull off?

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Obviously, he meant a Navy SEAL. >.>
It took me a while to draw but I think it looks quite realistic, right?
Ofc I didn't draw it <.< <---
On topic: Nice spriting there shook, but since when did stealthy soldiers carry shotguns? :o

I'm that good an artist.
It took me a while to draw but I think it looks quite realistic, right?

What are you talking about?
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Select the text next to the arrow >_>
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Oh gawd no, iPingu =.="
I'm talking about how does he make replays if he gives up so easily >_<

I don't usually give up easily, I just didn't want to point out 'highlight the text next to the big arrow!' because I didn't want to seem like an asshole. Also, this is derailing the thread now, everyone forget about this 'joke' and continue with the art posting, mkay?