Sandalphon's Toribrawl Tournament
All you replay makers out there, JDawg's got a rhythm orientated replay competition going on this week.

Are you ready to Break to the Beat?
I am terribly inactive in this org...sorry guys.

But I am planning on making a video and am looking for one other person to be in it along with me. I'm looking for players with smooth replays, concerned more with style than with high DM counts (although the higher the better ) If interested PM with a link to your replays, or attach them.

Here are links to my previous videos, just to show you I can sort of make a coherent one :P

Also, since you're hear, please check out my replay thread by following the link in my sig that says I blow at TB.
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My replays are scattered all over the forums. _ can check out the latest one I've posted on here:
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Hmm, was my post deleted, or was it forum glitch? Anyway, second try.

I'm holding replay comp right now:

Feel free (Make sure) to participate. Or you could give me a hand, helping me with judging, as this is my first comp ever. Yay. xD