We should get at least a few people decent at judo... otherwise it's going to suck if the Judo League came up with a team.
nyan :3
Youtube Channel i sometimes post videos of other games
The mod is picked by the two teams. For example, if ORMO face JL and ORMO want kickbox but JL wants judo, Jok steps in and picks a different mod if the teams can't decide. This rule will be handy against Team Sambo, no-one will want to play sambo or aikido against them so yeah.

This thread WILL remain open to new applicants until the powers that be (most likely Splinter) see this and have time to PM Jok.

In my opinion, it's better to have a place in the competition possibly guaranteed than risking being left out because of a late sign-up.

Note: Splinter or any of the other moderators can overrule me on this, I'm just recommending a course of action.
Since we are the replay makers, I'm assuming we're all good at the low TF, 100 DMT close quarters combat mods such as kickbox, betabox, taek kyon etc. So if Team Sambo wants Aikido, we'll disagree and say wushu. Jok will step in and give us something else like taek kyon.
Ya DeeJay that's exactly what I thought. We pick the modes we don't want but causes a disagreement so that we have a random mode that can't be the prementioned two.

However for that to work we have to play mind games with the other team by constantly changing the mode we want if they agree with our choice until finally they get frustrated and just let Jok pick for us.
nyan :3
Youtube Channel i sometimes post videos of other games
Just as a little update here, the sign-ups will probably be opened tomorrow (Friday) or Saturday according to Jok. He has mentioned he is swamped with work right now though so the date could be quite variable.
We now have 8 applicants. If you're reading this, still haven't applied but are interested, this could be your last chance to enter. Splinter will make the final decision on who enters so if we have 9+ applicants, some members will unfortunately get left behind. Good luck to all and fingers-crossed that when it's opened, our sign-up application will be accepted.
I guess I'll start filling out the individual form then. I'll edit it in here when I'm done.
Also, I'm curious as to what everyone's timezone is. I rarely see you guys online. Mine is +11:00.


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Also moxie = skill/charisma
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