Sandalphon's Toribrawl Tournament
@reekondub: if youd read the first post, 75k is cheapest flame

and steve, im talkin about my flames, the cost for forge of the demon feet and head
Well, I'm not sure yet.
What size do you want?
What kind of effects do you want?
I have yet to make them.
@reekondub: flames are rare-ish items, there isnt suppsed to be armies of people with flames...(to quote gum, lol)

oh sry, steve

Size: hands, pretty long/ triceps and pecs, mostly stationary, but still flow (so small)
Effects: flowing downward

and id liek to change the order to
demon: hands, triceps and pecs
all flowing down
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i want acid flames liek on hampa's hand. they look cheap

my flame looks cheap?

It is awesome
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my flame looks cheap?

It is awesome

lol, it does look cheap hamp

and steve, you never answered bout the pricin of my flames
dont mean to be pushy, but yea, jus wanna kno