Sandalphon's Toribrawl Tournament
1. Meuhgo 500k pure flame right hand
2. jibbles 250k head flame multicolored
3. jibbles 250k right hand flame multicolored
4. jibbles 250k left hand flame multicolored
5. jibbles 25$ right foot flame multicolored
6. jibbles 25$ left foot flame multicolored
7. aspire 73k dark elf left foot flame
8. aspire 73k dark elf right foot flames
9. joonveen 50k shaman void head flame/david fee left hand flame vampire 50k/david fee right hand flame vampire 50k/superkeest left hand flame gaia nox 50k/superkeest right hand flame gaia nox 50k
Everyone in the number 9 slot is tied with 50k. OUT BID THESE PEOPLE TO GET YOUR FLAMES MADE
I talked to you about the flame i want on IRC steve. Just incase though, here is the design i want for both hands with the effect we talked about.

Please name them Rider R and Rider L respectively. I will be paying 75k for each one according to the agreement that steve and I made on IRC. So a total of 150k

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In #Support: [19:53] <@firebolty> StileCheat: Did you try this?: would you lick onima's pussy clean for 10,000 dollars

The list isn't up to my liking =P
I'll offer 75K for each of my flames. so thats 150K total.
Check the topic for updates, including the LIST.
And also upcoming features.
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200,000 toricredits for two flames.

The first flame will be a bright, bright pink flame, medium in length, I don't want a crazy ass long one, and I want it to have black bits of flame coming up out of it every so often, make it so that when on my hand or foot or wherever else, it covers the whole joint but only raises in height a little, like I said, no ridiculously long ones for me, thanks.

As for the second flame, I want the same, just replace the bright, bright pink with bright, bright green.
collect snots from the nose
STEVE. I want a Viridian flame with pharos tips/top. Head flame, you know the drill. 300k I want a slightly larger particle size and just a tiny bit larger in length for the flame. No fancy gravity.


EDIT: Settled
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HoboJoey|80k|Right Hand Flame|Demon Flame
HoboJoey|80k|Left Hand Flame|Demon Flame

i want a screen before u create it...
@Hobojoey: Only one of your flames will remain on this list, because it is the lowest bid.
@Hopeman2: As big as you want. As long as it stay's on the list.