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[Shop] T1 Forge: Flames, TC, Atmosphere Shop
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do you accept items? if so can i get power qi for crimson set and maya set
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Payments in PayPal are preferred over TC. No other forms of payment are accepted.


fyi: Chaos at minimum will probably be 150k, but may rise due to bidding activity.
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hmmmmm whats the lowest one were i can get 2 hand flames? because i kinda want just 2 normal demon hand flame with extra long trail i can buy 2 normal ones from odlov for 250k so how much here?
Can you make a guess on how long, proportional to tori? What is medium? an arm length?
I think it may be possible to do for less than 250k. Depends.
iwant the raver in the youtube vid,
two chaos hands that are slightly larger than the youtube vid ones and multicoloured,
and i want a chaos head the same as the hands but slightly bigger
Jibbles: Multicolor, as in completely multicolor, or fade to black?
At base cost, I'd estimate 700k at least, probably a bit more because of multicolor. Also, increasing size MAY decrease the afte trail effect. I'll have to check and show video if i must.
You do bring up a point though, I'll have to see about multi flame discount. So how much TC are you going to bid?
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700k? Lolwut? are you serious?

Imo, thats a bit high. I thought of getting a flame from here..... but thats overboard.
- its been a while