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[A] Planet Flame
Forged by Space on 2014-02-02 16:25:54 for the Head (3290).
Head Flame
Size: Small
The flame was custom made by me for around 54k. I'm hoping to get at least 20k-30k tc for this. The images below are kind of crappy and probably decrease the value. Also the head is included as well as the custom planet texture!
Start: 15k
Mid: 5k?
Autobuy: 60k
Items accepted/USD

Quicksilver relax is like 6k...
Get out
Adding to the buy out
$5 is also buyout.
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Is this an auction?
You seem to have added a minimum raise, hence I am assuming it is.
Nah, It's just shaped like one.
Nvm I'm dumb, I'm turning it into an auction.
- Added end date below.
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