He asked for 4 flames, blkk. If you look around, it'd priced quite moderately, if not low. Also, see if anyone else has such flames.
Wanna make me a demon elbow left hand flame, small, and short life flames. Making it run to the right, and just long enough to reach the middle of the wrist?
+ how much would it cost?
100k? the short flame makes it look like your hand is bubbling rather than on fire. Want a screen shot or video?
Love it, looks amazing. I'd like another for my left hand. Same exact flame. 150k will be sent soon.
i love those flames in your second forge movie. some of them are truly epic.
very epic, what will cost a streamer in nebula colours for hand?
Fr3styL . Improving by Improvising
I'm an artist.
Streamer actually can only come from thighs. "Nebula" coloring will make it practically invisible in the default shader (white background), especially due to the thinness of the stream. I dunno, for the first one, I'll just shoot 175k.
An option is to get more solid colors, preferably with a common color together (like green and cyan).

How much is your budget? I don't like giving estimates for the first flame of a type. You're the one buying, not me.
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