oh well i got 220k to spend on this FNugget and what colors do u suggest then i need it to match my set ? also can u wai with this request i might buy some other stuff in the mintime i didnt thought it will be thet much tcs XD anywas ill get back to yah again XD
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Originally Posted by FNugget View Post
NBLXBA: I havent come up with anything new. Did you want something more like a regular rising flame, a trailing one, or something kind of like a character decoration?

Arbiter: No. Think of it like cars. No one sells a new car and gets an old car in return for it.

SpaceInvader, how well the flame works with other particles is iffy. It's best to get the particle size just big enough for the image you want for the best resolution. I'll sell the max size at 200k.

i want the max size.
so ill send 200k to you.
btw: can you do me a favor and send my 200k from thecake back?
i sended them to thecake on purpose. its a white belt wih 0 Qi and totaly inactive.
and +rep

For your records...

You've sent 200000 toricredits to FNugget
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NBLXBA: AImp and Aqua? Each of my hand flames are 2 flames, each costing like 100k, thats why such a flame = 200k total.

SpaceInvader: flame sent
oh ok Fnugget can u show me a pic of ialpha and aqua ? plz and post price with it i currentley have 398k so i guess it isnt a prob XD

Anyway, opening shop up to take request for doing atmosphere scripts. For real, check this out.

The original script is here:
Along with limitations of whats possible.
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wings cost alot, if you want a decent pare its gonna be 200k
but it depends on how low FNugget can go :P
Sorry 4 the Wait
Good wings probably run 120-150k. I don't want to try to make a crappy wing, there are enough of those around.

And flames cost 35k minimum, so I can't possibly make anything that low. Crap starts around 40k, medium stuff around 80k. Good stuff around 110k.

EDIT: If you want a bad wing (at least it looks that way),
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i have 200k budget.

what type of wing flame can u make me? and how mcuh woudl it cost 2 forge something like tinerr's style?
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