Endurance Onslaught 4
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Original Post
Welcome to my replay thread, you stunning and insubordinate person
CnC is greatly appreciated, thanks for your time
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alright so here it is again, probably won't be as good as the first time but I did try honest.

first things first, pretty nice opener, it was a tad bit slow but it does look pretty rad.

The transition to the first kick was handled really well, but it wasn't original at all. I feel like you were being too "safe", and it looked kinda bland even if you did execute it really well.

Kick itself was killer, good speed, good use of the foot. Not enough followthrough for my liking so it looked a tad bit weaker than it could have, and again the transition for the second kick was lacking originality wise and you kicked with the shin which kills your momentum. The kick did its job however so thats cool too.

Skeet was ballin though, really liked it. ]

Overall its a pretty sweet replay, I feel like I've seen it before though since the whole replay feels like its "cookie-cut" from a lot of the replays these days. I don't think you are showing your style yet, and its important to break free of being generic. You want people to look at one of your replays and they will instantly know its yours, otherwise you won't get much better.

The replay was a tad bit slow at some parts, but a lot of the things you did were executed very well, its just you need to apply these things to ideas of your own. But like that skeet was pretty sweet anyways

also mb on taking this long haha
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opener is simple, kinda slow and stiff

nice first dm

good double dm for the chest

good flip for the skeet

nice skeet dm

try to be faster, with maybe a boom or too
also less stiffness pls

nothing to complain about
amazing opener
cool dms

just wished it had more dms

ay mate you've improved a lot.

Opener was dope as fuck but when you changed rotation the flow went down a little bit.

around frame 333 where you grabbed nothing it looked strange as well, except that the replay was cool, nice boom :^)
first things first, nice set

moving onto the replay!

the opener was ok, but it didnt do much for you in terms of creating speed or power. I mean it kinda put you in a push off position, but those have been overused a lot. Not bad though. I feel like you could have generated more speed with timing things different, but you got enough for the next kick which was good.

Transition was nice and really flowy, I dig it dude

Pull kicks aren't my cup of tea but its still quite nice. I would have opted for getting both cores, but I guess its a style thing.

next kick was kinda bad because you should never really kick with the shins. It doesnt transfer as much power and you can't get a good ghost with it meaning your booms won't be nearly as good.

cool skeet, but it kinda looks like you added it in last second.

pose was perfect though gj

overall its a decent replay, but I feel you could do more things to make the replay more "you". I think I talked about it in my last cnc, but again it will come once you make a bunch of these things. You are definitely improving though, and you got the basics of booming down, so with a little practice you'll be great in no time.
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