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Multiplayer issue?
For some reason whenever I try to connect to the Mulitplayer, Toribash automatically decides to stop working.
Please any suggestions would really help...
Sounds like you're running on a 64-bit CPU, using an Intel GPU. If you are, then your best solution would probably be to buy a new GPU. If you're running an Intel CPU, but not an Intel GPU, and you still have that issue, it's a fair bit more obscure.

Otherwise, Toribash actually crashing when you click Multiplayer is rather unheard of.
Squad Squad Squad lead?
The standardization of Toribash Squad roles may have gone too far!
Happens to me also. Remember you can use /join (servername) to join a game. for example. /join judo3 puts you into a judo arena, /join aikido3 puts you in a aikido arena, and /join boxing 3 puts you in a boxing arena. I am also running windows 7, but planning on getting a new GPU for christmas. Happy fighting!
The names Boy..... Rockboy.