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Someone explain how to market i got 657 TC
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marketing is when you buy items for really low prices and sell them for high prices. It requires a lot of patience which is why I could never do it. you have to scan the market looking for good deals on items then wait until the market value of them goes up ad then sell them or just try to resell them hoping to get a profit.
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Someone explain how to market i got 657 TC

well, some things u need :
Much MUCH MUCH!!! time! to spent it on reading the item forum and looking into the market.

more tc.. its easier to make more profit if u got more start amount of tc.

knowledge about prices and bitting etc.

also, you should start with buying some stuff in your prize range and sell it for more ( at this prize range u cant make much profit, so dont expect 1k or 2k profit for every item!!!!)

also it need patience, i got 300 orc forces and have to sell them all over the market, so i sell around 2-3 a day, and i cant sell them faster so i just have to wait and sell them over time!

if u still have questions feel free to ask here or PM me ;)
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