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[REL] Observe Servers Secretly
Hi, I made a simple python script that allows you to watch any non password protected server.

  • Your name won't show in the bout list
  • You can watch matches, save matches, etc.
  • You can see chat, but you can't talk yourself.

To use this script you'll need Python 2.7 installed.

To use it first you load up Toribash and decide what room you want to stalk, then run the python script and type in the room name. If the room was entered correctly a message will appear stating where you will be connected and that you can now type in '/co' to secretly join the room.

Why did I stop learning python, could've been like you man :(

Anyway, dis cool stuff and obviously works for me. Thx!
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Can you see whispers? :3

inb4 Blam answer. I think you can't. I tried and didn't see any whispers.