I have an idea for it, I will give users the ability to put a link to their own creations on there, then have like a rating system and such.
could be for mods, scripts, applications, whatever!

But I need someone with php skills *cough boaf* to be able to write a text file generating script for me

Also decided to make it look cooler
ummmm..... could you please (Pwetty please) post the original version download link cause im having problems with the new one.
thanks blam!

P.s. found out what was wrong, it was set up to download into 3.69 when i only have 3.6 and theres no 3.69 directory, oh and btw version 0.3 works fine
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EDIT:sorry for double post
there is a big error: its says toribash 6.69 when it should say 3.69, thought i would point it out