Head Texture of the Month: Freestyle
Why the hell not.

(Nick)name : Fenris
Age : 19
Why do you want to join? : Because I fucking love Mma.
Why do you like rk-mma.tbm? : Because I can <~snip~> people, hard. And that feels good. <3
An own rating of your skill (1-10) : Raping skill 8?
3 replays of you in rk-mma.tbm (not needed, but highly recommended) :

ViperTech Moderated Message:
I don't like that word in here.
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Dat kick.rpl (80.6 KB, 6 views)
Decap dun dun.rpl (88.4 KB, 7 views)
Brutal decap.rpl (88.3 KB, 8 views)
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Nickname: emoteen12...
Age: 15..
Why do you want to join: because....i likes to play the rk-mma....
why do you like rk-mma: cause i like to rek people in it.....
own rating of your skill: 7..
3 replays of you in rk-mma.tbm: i dont want to....

I'm a 15 year old fake emo on summer break looking for a way to waste time.....
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well i put evrything they asked for so in my opinion it is a decent app

and im not here to follow YOU.maybe someone else....
Yea this app was pretty horrible ... please state serious reasons why you want to join and why you like rk-mma. Also if you don't even want to post some little replays you are wrong here.