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Toribash Movember

Hi and welcome to Toribash Movember!
This November, it's time to put on your manliest stache!

Toribash Movember is a free-for-all global event.
To participate, all you need to do is open the Movember event interface from the News tab in your game client (latest version of Toribash required).
Right after that, you will receive your free upgradeable Moustache item - and your task will be to upgrade it as far as you can.
Those of you who reach max 'stache level will receive the grand prize - limited edition Krakenstache item!

There are multiple ways to gain points to upgrade your Moustache:
- Playing online games (1 point per fight)
- Completing quests (20 points per quest, up to 3 per day)
- Claiming daily login rewards (up to 75 points for 7th day of consecutive logins)
- Winning bets (minimum 4 players have to place the bet, up to 10 points per won bet)
- Winning automatic tournaments (50 points per tourney)
- Winning ES events (100 points per event)

Upgrading your Moustache item to max level during the event will unlock a unique Krakenstache item for you, which won't be ever available in the shop after the event ends.

Toribash Movember ends on November 30th
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Pretty nice event idea, guess this is another event that i'm gonna lose for my internet xd
Good event! Worth the activity

Edit: Here a question
-I still get points after the fights when I reached my qi limit?
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Completed the first quest and got expgot nothing on the third one...
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Originally Posted by Sora View Post
Completed the first quest and got expgot nothing on the third one...

System checks how many quests you've completed today to tell whether you should receive points or not, so today is not ideally accurate if you've already completed quests before joining the event. Should work properly starting tomorrow.
uhmm I only completed quests after the event start
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You completed one quest before joining the event, check your trans history:
So yeah you got points for two quests that you completed after getting your Moustache, and the next one didn't get you anything because system counted as your fourth quest for the day.