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What do you miss the most about Tb
Personally i miss when Tb for me was just to fuck around with friends and not having like 36k matches played lmao. Can't enjoy the game as i used to anymore
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i miss some of the friends that i had in this game, especially when skype was still the most used. when i was BoS i didn't play the game at all and that was when basically everyone switched to using discord instead of skype, and many of my friends were then unreachable or had just quit the game outright.

i guess i would also miss having fun playing this game but i'm having a lot of fun hosting and being trial ES right now so i can't really complain about anything.
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i miss the days when the game was actually fun to mess around and just hanging with friends etc, i miss the skype times and mostly i miss the passion to become good or something i guess
DevinTM, Shawshank, Ocean and everyone else that somehow positively impacted my toribash experience and that are now gone.
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