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Stanford prison Experiment - TB
What do you think, might it be that some of the staff is possessed of their role and take it too serious already, looking forward to rules?

Rules are a thing I guess and some must be followed.
But must they in any situation and case?

I just realized how things changed over the year, same like with the playstyle of the avarage toribashers.

Did the air got smaller between the rules and the situations and their argues.

I got into a situation, which made me think of it

I won’t share the story with you but it felt like staff has to argue their decisions, and the response of both were like the kinda felt offended and like they don’t want to help, more like they searched for a way, to not let it happen, or atleast make it look like they were givin a chance
Like it was something personal included in their decision which I can’t follow
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