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Wanting a new set
Probably not what kind of money you're wanting but I've got 47k and both long fall boots to offer anyone that can make a 512x512 set that's kind of like the one I have right now But black and red (vampire red please) Got all the time in the world so take all the time you need.
(Side note: This won't be mandatory to the whole thing but it would be nice if you could work it into the set, but if you can make it look a little like my Avatar on here then that would be cool)

My current set

Thank you and Hope to here from you soon!
I know I said take your time but please send updates on the set via pm or discord. Discord at #9370
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I don't know if it is, but I think that if that set was not made by you it is plagiarism.

I'm not sure when I bought this Set but I know I bought it ligit and made a few adjustments to the head and right bicep. I've not played for a good few years, sorry I can't recall who sold me the set.
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I can give a try

these fam are unforgettable for sure

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Aeon - RAM - Liquor

Also adjusting the money I'm spending to 47k
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I could make it, you still need it? also the payment are still the tc and the boots right?
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