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[Request] Hands / Legs

Looking for people to do Hands, and Feet, can be one person or can be separate, doesn't matter, I just want it to look realistic and fit the head.

The head is a 'badass shark', so for the thighs i'm thinking of adding a knife with a leather strap around it, perhaps on the back of that leather strap a small string with a shark tooth hanging off of it

I can't find any good knife concepts on google images so surprise me

For the hands i'm thinking of blue fists, with webbed fingers, similar to this, but more manly or something, to fit the badass shark tone

Payment will depend on the quality of the work, but i'm looking to pay a minimum of 50k for each hand, and each leg texture. The key is to be creative, and keep the realistic style of the original head.

I can provide the head texture if you would like to grab the colors.