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Simple and Cartoony
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Detailed and Complex
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I like them both
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Hey guys! Golden here and I'm so far the newest add on to the clan!
Well then I'm having a hard time getting a head texture I want an orc green head with somthing cool on it :P
We all know what you would do as leader !!
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I guess so!
I thought we had that! But hey we have more wars ahead of us!
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And i won a 1 vs 1 war against TLL
And our clan is now rank 58 in the clan list !
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Wut, you guys won TLL? lol, well done. Btw, nice war, even with just black belts Diamond got nice skills.
Thanks Kratos and Something. Btw Kratos you see the belt doesnt matters and you can be skilled with a low belt too