Endurance Onslaught 3.0
You know, I was actually thinking about that last night. Bloodsugar and Slam would be so intense.
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Yes, it's a bit too speedy, and has some drumnbase/hiphop/whatever kind of rythm that i don't like much, but it's perfect when you are driving.
I noticed that noone mentioned mutiny, wth it's one of their best songs

My thinking is the opposite. I very much do not like mutiny, while tarantula is one of my favorite songs. Most of their songs are really hard on audiosurf. I raped mosier's score on slam though :P Also, I have become addicted to the other side.
i have a totally post modern tattoo of a scalene triangle.
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I'm a BIG fan of Pendulum.

My favorite song is probably between Propane Nightmares, Blood Sugar, Mutiny, and Showdown.

I'm listening to Through the Loop right naow.
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[13:13] <Eureka> also dota is kinda for pigfuckers
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[13:13] <jalis> thanks
I'm really starting to like Pendulum - The Other Side

And i want to use it in a tb movie but reddevil keeps saying no because it's dnb
Whoop Whoop
Yeah, I really agree with you Tre, that's an excellent one :)
I was listening to the lyrics, god they make no sense, only makes it more epic.
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Anyone like 'fasten your seatbelts'?

The part that goes
"Ladies and gentlemen...... Fasten your seatbelts" get's me so pumped xD
It was playing at my friend's 18th b'day party in the strobe room. It was
[A L P H A]