hah, awesome... beautiful storytelling :3
[Market Squid] [Editing][OBEY]
Have a question concerning the market or anything of the sort? Feel free to ask me!
New spar
Alright here is another spar that i did with Zikyulo
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Omega-Spar with Zikyulo.rpl (1.02 MB, 20 views)
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Here is a spar that i did with tamakuu, He was so strong
Come on guys, I need some CnC
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Omega-Spar tamakuu.rpl (914.8 KB, 18 views)
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Come on
Come on guys. What do you think of my replays? So many views and barely any comments on these replays. *sigh*
More Spars
Thanks for the comment Blazing. Here are 2 new spars that i did with 2 awesome sparrers.

P.S: For the spar with starsoldier, I used my alt Blackstar90

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Omega-Spar with mystical #3.rpl (1,000.3 KB, 12 views)
Omega- Spar with Soldier.rpl (576.6 KB, 13 views)
Another spar
Here is another spar that I did with eazybreezy. I kinda liked this one

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Alright, Here is a spar that I did with Aiiiken. Hope you like it and leave a comment.

P.S: I had to edit the replay at the end because Aiiiken pinged. So I am Uke and Aiiken is me. D:

IF there is a way to fix that problem let me know. It always happens to me when i edit a replay.
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Omega-Spar with Aiiken.rpl (566.9 KB, 15 views)
New Spar
Here is a spar that I did with DoctorGold. I really enjoyed this spar.
Here!!!! :D
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