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Get low! Hit the flo'! Not too low, though; there's a DQ timer on this thing.

Introducing: lowkido!

A battle of low stances in a simple aikido dojo

Inspired by multiple official mods, lowkido is a fine blend of standard aikido, erthtk, lenshu, and more!

What's so special about it, though?


What makes this any different from other mods?
lowkido aims to provide a new level of strategy into combat by allowing players to show off their moves in new ways! The floor is a friend in this mod (to a limit), so make good use of it! Many players will likely prefer the other staple mods like ABD and erthtk, but you can always give it a shot and see what you think! Adapt to simple lifting openers, improvise your own combat strategy, and overcome your opponents to make them taste the ground!


Sound any fun? Try it out with the download below! Along with it are some replays demonstrating the lowkido experience.

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