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ReplayHacks - Graphical Replay Hacking Script

Graphical Replay Hacking Script
by Kris and Tom
Version 1.0

- What Is RPH
ReplayHacks, or "RPH", is a replay hacking script driven by up to date Lua systems, like the new UI framework and latest additions to Lua replay hacking in 5.60. There were tools to achieve similar effects before, I even wrote one of them, but they all were a bit clunky to use, typically being command driven, where you had to memorize joint and body ID's and guess/check numbers until it seemed right. RPH is designed to bring complicated replay hacking systems to a simplified user interface, extending even more functionality than was possible with previous scripts.

- Usage
I find usage for something so user interface intensive to be best explained through a simple "showcase" video, so, here it is:

- Information
This is in a spoiler because it is a lot.

- Installation
  • Download the attached zip file
  • Extract the contents to your data/scripts/ folder
    - This means you should have "data/scripts/rph.lua" and "data/scripts/rph/"
  • Go in game and run "/ls rph.lua"
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