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very epic 3d tori renders


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Awesome work man u should do mine jk haha
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These are awesome
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The hampa sword looks kek
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I need mooore! What program did you use? It's really nice to just mess around and find something cool to work with
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jag såg de där https://gyazo.com/2bb5d1c33d72abf6549b5558c54c9fa8
Make a render of m̸̢̨͙̺̜͍͉͋͂̋̀̀͋̽͐́̈́͆̀̋̕͘e̸̢̡̢̼̤̠͖̙̲̯̦̍̏̈̀̓͘͠ͅ thanks
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Posted a couple new ones but the images are too big and dont know how to change them :P
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