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Legendary laser flame

They are a set of 4 flames, which are. They are active in Gabriel, you can give them an LP and DL to check them out.
They are extremely special flames, they are "activatable" flames, the laser will only come out, giving "inertia" if the body moves very quickly.

Flame: Head Laser : 7622
Flame: Head Laser : 7623
Flame: Head Laser : 7624
Flame: Head Laser : 7625

head (texture with a transparent central part to perfectly match the flame) follows the flame.

Starting bid: 400k
Minimum Raise: 10k
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I forgot to mention, but the head (texture with a transparent central part to match perfectly with the flame) goes with the flame.
You've sent Flame: Head Laser 01, Flame: Head Laser 02, Flame: Head Laser 03, Flame: Head Laser 04 to Osiris.
the texture was sent forum pm