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How to instagib
Heres an awnser. people have been asking me "How do you instagib stuff?"

Heres how: when youre making a mod and you want a part of your body instagibbed just type "flag 6" underneath the body part eg:

body l_hand
flag 6

body head
flag 6

And thats how to instagib!
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Who made the Jeet Kun Do mod? I must know!

I did the JeetKuneDo mod. However, I'm still trying to learn how to change the starting stance. Maybe in a future version when I figure that out.
need help modding
i need a mod file with the classic body config for toribash. if anyone has one, please post it here. thanks in advance.
-Bloodyday (if you havent figured it out yet) save them to the mods folder in CProgram Files\Toribash-2.7\data\mod (if you have mac then i donno)

-SsenKrad rotation rotates things by degrees, mess with it a bunch =/

-theratdude ya should have searched for it >.<
well that not really detailed.. so.. umm..

when you download them
1. make sure that they are in your mods folder
2. make sure they are .tbm
3. there are 3 ways to play mods:
- you can use toriluanch (which is in the 1st post of my suggest a mod thread) even if your not registered
- you can go into the menu in-game and click "mods" can scroll down to the mod you want
- you can type: "/lm [mod name].tbm" by pressing "T" in-game. example: /lm sumo.tbm

if nothing works tell me =D
Umm... im wondering how to get the mod creator....umm..yea so it would be nice if u could tell me where to download it Thanks!