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they shouled make new forces like neon colors and like usa flag or even force textures
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Force/relax textures would ruin the point of colored joints such are pure force and Void. You could just select the color. As for the flags, Don't know where that would go. This has already been suggested many times btw.
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I do agree they need new colors but this has been suggested several times :3\
As for the textures it wouldnt make sense to do it because you could just make it any color like the really high qi items. If they did i would forsee them being extreemly expensive
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I don't see why you're all so concerned about the textures replacing colors. The same already applies for body parts and gradients.

I think the issue with joint textures would be visibility. As it is, joints are easy to tell apart from body parts because they are larger and are a solid color, so they stand out from textures. If they're made to blend in, it would make distinguishing between joints and other body parts more difficult for both parties.
but that wouled be there fatl to have sam colors and i just want more colors so it can match sets better and colors like a better orange and blues like baby blue and more reds a want brighter forces/textures maybe even a rainbow force/relax
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I think the ideal solution here would be to, instead of actual textured joints, allow players to upload 1x1 images to act as "textures". This way, you could use any of the 16,777,216 colors available in the hexadecimal color system for your joints, but joints would still be a solid color. It would get rid of the problem of limited color options, but keep joints looking different enough from other body parts.
yes but i would assume it would be high priced item though
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