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Being informed of a Dm or frac ingame.
after watching a lot of ingame matches where one of the fighters
has the same color blood as their force and/or relax, I noticed it can be
pretty hard to see what got dismembered, even for the fighter.

I was thinking of a system that could tell you if something broke.
Every time something dms or gets fractured, a small message will let
you know.


It might not be the best place, or size, but it should help you get past all of
the confusion. (Suggest other places/sizes etc)
You got to admit, some fights can get pretty confusing if you can't see your
damaged joints.

Another Example

In a real fight (Not saying toribash has to be superomgftw realistic), you
would feel every break that happened to your body. Sometimes ingame
the opponent can get in the way of letting you see what happened, but
being informed if you can't see what happened can be a really big help.

Some other suggestions:
~You're the only one who sees your messages, making you the only one
informed of your damaged joints. Same with your opponent.
~Option to turn the messages on or off. This could be used for people who don't like it. (Obviously)

Edit: Oh, and for dm-heavy mods like wtf.tbm or lolnade.tbm, you could just turn it
off and bam, no lag or annoying messages to get in the way.

Feel free to add on to this idea. :>
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i like this idea
because sometimes you hear something snap and your both in a tangle and you have no idea what happened
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Good idea. I know plenty of times where this could have helped me or my opponent when fighting. Hint Hint hampa. :P
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I don't like this idea personally.
It helps the player to much and takes away an element of... Being on one's toes, as it were.

Imo you have to be able to predict dm's, it's part of the strategy of some games, and to just be told that it happens seems to easy.

I also think that if your blood/force/lax combo doesn't let you easily see what's happening, instead of coding a new apart of the game, i'd suggest getting a new colour combo.

Not supported.

Yeah, I only don't like erthtkv2 because of the mod's name. Make it "tkv2," and the mod will instantly become more popular. This is a valid reason as the name of the mod is still an important feature that no one seems to have yet discussed.
It world be cool as a buyable. I wouldn't buy it but i feel it would help some of the new comers, or maybe implement it until they are a brown belt or something.