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shook caev of things
hello hi i'm Shook

SO WHO AM I, you're probably wondering? Good question! I am...


But, more specific info clustered into convenient spoilers:





ok done with the spoilers now

Ask me things if you desire, i shall try to reply in a mostly coherent manner. I may also occasionally do doodle requests, but i'll notify you when i'm actively doing that. :U

Besides that, i guess all that's left to say is

hello nice to meet y'all
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various places to find me lol
Shook, do you cook stuff? .-.
Chickster: I literally don't know why I did it.
Why are you so obsessed with fists?
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Originally Posted by -Link View Post
Shook, do you cook stuff? .-.

Occasionally yes, but i'm not known for my gastronomic creativity. :P

Originally Posted by Juhizz View Post
Why are you so obsessed with fists?

The question is rather WHY WOULD I NOT BE? Fists are manly things, and "fist" is also one of those inherently funny words, like "bees". At least to me it is. :v
<Blam|Homework> oiubt veubg
various places to find me lol
Do you ever play in game?

Also, everyone keeps saying "CONGRATZ SnOOK" and stuff like lately ffff.
Why'd you have to go and become a legend D:
Hi shook you inspired me to start replay making. My early shit (before I found the forums) was me trying to replicate your style until I found my own.

You also inspired me to start doodling but I sucked so that's not a priority.

All in all, you're a cool and deserve to be a legend.