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One thing you could do is fix up the grammar a bit on the main page. Make it look more professional an all. If you need help with that or anything else you can PM me or add Sora#4699 On Discord.
[a]dventure | [Panda] ¿¿¿
You ain`t dying, it`s just hard at first. It will get easieralong the way, just hang on
PM him about it & maybe ask if he could make you the leader with him. Or just make a clan of your own
Sorry For The Long Hella Inactiveness... I was on a final Exam for my Semester that is College, and now im free to play toribash anytime i want .. il try to be active and get Hero Back On Track!
Thanks for the Support Whizkid !
Added Discord Server! And 5 New Members ! Welcome
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