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Welcome to #LEGGANG

What is Leggang you ask?
Well, it's about having fun and destroying arms by any means necessary! "oH bUt It'S hArDdDd" bruv just lenshu it, you don't have to create the best looking replay, as long as you're having while making the replay that's all that matters, regardless of if you're just throwing yourself off the cliff of a mod.

How do I make my own leggang replays?
Open a replay with notepad and under FRAME 0; 0 0 0 0 add a line saying CRUSH 0; 5 8 then press save. This will dismember both shoulders on the first frame and you can edit the replay whenever you want.
Video tutorial:

How did leggang start?
Well to be blunt I was having banter in #Replays and said I could do the raid challenge without arms and then had to put my money where my mouth was, in the process finding out it was the most fun I've had making replays in years, over a year later the meme has gone way too far and here we are.

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whatever you do don’t call this an army
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whatever you do don’t call this an army

why not seems like a nice army
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they dont have arms !!!!

They would be great at stand up comedy
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