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big news! lowkido has just been given its own static Public server! if you wanna get in on the action, just /jo public13 at any time! it works the same as other public servers (15tc per win) and runs the brutal edition of the mod. thanks to Aliosa (and hanna) for making it happen!

Yo that's sick!! Making me wanna make mp mods again lol

A new environment houses the ongoing violent flow...

Introducing: lowkido_arena1_t1.tbm!

Tickets are limited, so get yours soon!

i plan to make some new stages for the mod, and this is the first one i completed! it's a basic arena with four-sided seats, railings, and a viewing area cut out in the middle to watch the fights take place!

the game rules won't be changing at all, these arenas are purely cosmetic. for this one, there's a secret on the ceiling of the arena that'll require freecam to see! if you have any suggestions for arenas that lowkido could take place in, feel free to write a post! note that it will have to include space for the dojo as the DQtimer won't work otherwise. thanks for playing!
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let's bring minibash back!
Hi avenue.

I personally love lowkido albeit I haven't played as much as I should be. Even though it has that "aikido" variation, I've felt it to completely change play-style due to higher grav, engagedistance and dqtimer. Amazing mod of its own imo.

However, some recent and popular community feedback I've observed is the dm/frac threshold to be higher since people are mashing their bodies (cause higher grav). Unless you aim for encouraging a play-style that works around this, it might be something to consider.

Edit: After collecting some more feedback from surveys carried out by Melrose: in general there were 3 aspects people wanted improvement on in order for more competitiveness.

1. FRACs are too easy considering how high the gravity is, disables players from pulling off certain maneuvers. Personally, I feel there could be a sweet-spot which negates easy lifts but allows other turn-arounds without fracs.
2. Turnframes too short in some stages of the game.
3. Matchframes too short, comebacks and sustained advantages are affected.
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[11:18 PM] Swosh: Das ist gut!
[7:19 PM] Aliosa: Can't have loopholes if there are no loops.

[9:14 AM] Viddah: Just remember if you step on toes youre gonna have to suck on them to make the pain go away
[9:16 AM] [Faux_fan]ancient: put me in the screenshot
Add 80k winpoints to lowkido_brutal.tbm this mod is a-ok I think
Now that I think of it, its pretty balanced
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