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Senshi: The Time Traveler (Spar/MMA/Weapon) Mod


B-b-b-back again with another mod, this concept is about a mod split between two aesthetics. We have a Japanese style dojo and a futuristic chamber of sorts. I've also included a realism body version, a version with swords. In the weaponless versions, i've left objects 1-16 objects un-used incase you want to create your own weapons. You have my permission.

The mod looks especially aesthetic when paired with a nice shader of your choice.

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senshi_time_traveler_mma.tbm (46.8 KB, 9 views)
senshi_time_traveler_swords.tbm (52.1 KB, 14 views)
senshi_time_traveler_spar.tbm (54.1 KB, 9 views)
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How much coke have you done to shit these mods out

Doing a comment on them as a whole, the cloak one looks horrid is all i got to say

Rest is very cool ideas that could of had more OOMF to them, however your general vibe to the mods get better and better so keep at it,

Can't really berrate you since it's literally only you making mods so yeah, cheers
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