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World Championship 2022

Find out which one of you is worthy enough to be titled the best fighter of 2022!

Toribash World Championship 2022 will be a single elimination tournament
In the first round, participants will face each other in 3 best-of-3 duels. Mods are to be picked out from the mod-list. First duel must always be picked by the lower seed in the bracket.
Loser picks the mod of the next duel until 2 duels have been won.
1st and 2nd round will be bo3 duels. 3rd and 4th will be bo5 duels. Semifinals and Finals will be bo7 duels. Mods can't be used twice within the same match.
The first 50 people were picked from the current rankings. There are 16 people who can apply to WC2022 by sending 25,000TC to Ancient. WC2022 will start as soon as we have 64 players.
There is no need to wait for a new round to start before fighting your next opponent, but, everyone should stop once they get to the quarter finals. Each game in the quarter finals will be streamed and we'll make playercards of everyone who makes it to the quarter final, like usual!

Round: refers to the stage of competition e.g best of 64, Quarter Finals etc.
Match: refers to all of the duels together within a round. By winning a match you move to the next round.
Duel: refers to a set of 3 games in a mod. There are either 3, 5 or 7 duels in a match.
Game: refers to each single game played in a duel. There are 3 games in each duel.


- If a player pings or disconnects after the first turn it's treated as a loss
- Only one account per person may enter
- Account sharing is strictly forbidden
- If you get banned during the WC, you cannot play on an alt
- If your opponent is evading the duel or fails to show up at an agreed time, make sure you report it either in this thread or contact me (ancient#8711) on discord

If a pair is unable to finish their duel within the given time, both players will be disqualified

1st Place Prize
Custom 3D Item*
A pack of your choosing from the shop**
2022 World Championship Winner badge on your profile

2nd Place Prize
A pack of your choosing from the shop**
2022 World Championship Runner Up badge on your profile

3rd Place Prize
A pack of your choosing from the shop**




*limits will apply and patience is expected from you.
**excluding onyx, and limited edition/special packs(exclusively single color packs)
Giant thank you to Neverse for sponsoring WC2022 with cash prizes, giant thank you to Shmevin for sponsoring item prizes
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pm me your questions or applications

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cash to burn
I've got 64 now. I'll be sending TC back to anyone that wasn't supposed to send TC smh.

During the 1st round, if there are people that don't participate and their opponent shows that they've tried to make contact, that persons spot will be freed up and people who applied and don't have a spot will be prioritized. The TC will be kept as a deposit until first round is over. The first round will have a shorter deadline.

Everyone who's participating, I'd like it if you could shoot me a DM on discord (ancient#8711) and let me know that you've read this and you're able to play.

Bracket will be up soon.
pm me your questions or applications

dance with my dogs in the night time
cash to burn
i cant believe i miss this. sending the tc if someone doesnt show upYou've successfully sent 25000 ToriCredits to Ancient.
You just lost the game
I am not a scammer
Ahh, unfortunate that there's limited spots for a world championship, got filled up way too quickly. Just noticed the thread and would've made a run for another championship. With enough interest not a chance to expand the bracket to 128?

Good luck to all of the participants.
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