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Picture Perfect

ES Presents: Picture Perfect
Welcome back to another ES event! If you're tired from all the competitive stuff we've had on lately, we feel this even might just be the refresher that you need.
This event incorporates a bit of art and a bit of movement from the game. We want you to pose with your friends, clanmates or anyone you'd like to - for that perfect photo!

How does this event work?

This event requires you to make an entry - a picture of you and your friends posing next to each other in one photo. Factors we will judge on include the creativity in posing and post-screenshot processing with artistic features you may add. Go all out, you can get creative with it and post a selfie too ; )

That's it! Just you and your friends posing for a photo. You'd want to /dl and /lp your friends. You're advised to play around with the game rules to set up a feasible starting position and add more characters into the game.

When you have finalized a photo, ensure you upload it to a image hosting site (not a discord link please) and post it here - mentioning your teammates!

You are required to post with atleast 3 and at most 4 Toris in one picture.
You may alter game rules to set up side-by-side positions or whatever you feels is a suitable starting position.
You are allowed to use shaders or render - anything that adds to art is fine.
You may however not alter the customs folder. Only your genuine active inventory counts.

Note that how you divide the work is completely up to you and your team. Some may be in charge of posing, some may contribute to art. Possibilities are boundless.
If you have questions, post in this thread.

Prizes will be split equally amongst all members of a group.
This event will be having a community favorite (voted on by the community on discord) and a ES top pick!

Community Favorite Reward
75,000 / 100,000 TC
3 / 4 ST
3 participants / 4 participants (in the group)

ES' Top Pick
150,000 / 200,000 TC
9 / 12 ST
3 participants / 4 participants (in the group)

We will stop taking pictures on the 1st of March, 11:59pm GMT.
Good luck!
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Voluntarily sacrificing one of our clan members to Cthulhu!
From the left: Renixxx, SenseiUke, 0xdead, Lujaks
I know the event ended but I just got this idea and the pic goes hard
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The WINNERS have been decided!

This event clearly inspired some fresh ideas coming onto our palettes - with a mix of all art, in-game play and creativity; the participants have rendered some absolutely commendable work!

After quite some discussion over what we loved most, below are the winners!

ES Top Pick:

We loved the concept of the picture, every aspect of it. The theme, the poses and the art style, spectacular. Congratulations!

Community Favorite:

No surprise this well thought out meme-y entry from Nurse, skizz and jojo had won the heart of the community. Congratulations to you all!

Thank you all for participating in Picture Perfect. Prizes will be sent out shortly.