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The Great Emote Bake Off 2
Hello and welcome to the great emote bake off 2: Electric Boogaloo !
what is this exactly? Well that's rather simple, the Toribash discord server has free slots for some yummy emotes and stickers. We feel like it would be fun to run an event for it so that you can submit your own to be used in Toribash discord server. We will be adding up to 50 emotes and 20 stickers so don't worry there are plenty of spaces. Please remember to keep the emotes Toribash related and take into account discord has both light and dark mode so plan accordingly.

All emoji art must be at maximum 128x128.
All sticker art must be 320x320.
No plagiarism.
No explicit content.
Emotes must be under 256kb in size.
All entries must be posted in this thread.

10k +1ST per emote used.
50k +3ST per animated emote used.
Best Emote - 8ST +100k + their very own collector item of the emote.

20k+1ST per sticker used.
Best Sticker - 8st + 150k + their very own collector item of the emote.

July 8th 2023, 10pm (GMT +1)

Examples of the current emotes

If you'd like some more inspiration then check out the previous edition!
click here

big thank you to Saiko for his artwork, again!
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That was something, we'll need a week to get a vote out.

Be back in a week, thank you all for your amazing contributions!

I did hold up with mine though, but they're not a part of the vote!

here they are, my babies

Originally Posted by waldo View Post
whoopsie I was late )


Dont Click here
Originally Posted by waldo View Post
whoopsie I was late )

haha were you? I think I forgot to close the deadline! you're in : )
Hey! Welcome back!

All emotes and stickers that were up to quality have been added to the server...
but we'll also be rewarding some that haven't made it!

The emotes/stickers combo that haven't been used, will be rewarded the sticker reward!
Just hold on tight, all rewards will be sent alongside the Best Sticker and Best Emote reward!

So with that in mind, we need a few more days to make our final decision, but you can now enjoy your stickers and emotes in the toribash server, so let's rejoice for all the new additions!

Hey Gamers!

We're finally here to announce the winners!

Without waiting much longer... you waited long enough!

*the winners will have to wait an hour or so until I send out their rewards though!


Big thank you to everyone that participated!

Even if your emote/sticker didn't get used, you still got a reward!

This was a blast, let's do this again in some time : )