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[TMA] | MAS Events - MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing and more!
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Discord: https://discord.gg/Mhn2MbauZ2
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@toribash_martial_artists
Instagram: https://instagram.com/toribash_martial_artists

Toribash Martial Artists is an online sub-community of Toribash that focuses on creating and playing competitive realism mods that reflect real-world martial arts. Sometimes referred to as MAS or Martial Arts Sparring, we play in short turn frames (5) and in high gravity to emulate realism as close as possible (within the limits of the game).


CURRENT EVENT: Boxing League 4
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**1** No limit on legal techniques, as long as they are grounded in Realism
**2** 10 point scoring by three judges based on significant strikes, grappling transitions, and cage control
**3** The winner is determined by numerous factors: significant strikes landed, takedowns completed/defended, ground control/defence, dominant positions taken/held, and general aggression and ring control
**4** Total Submission victory by an Armbar, Kneebar, Head Triangle, or Rear-Naked-Choke that is "locked-in" until the end of the round, for at least 30 frames
**5** Total TKO victory by dominant Ground n’ Pound sustained for at least 5 strikes from the same pin or hold.
Note: Public MMA Servers should abide by TFC Rules and practice good-faith judging to decide which player should spectate at the end of each round.




**1** Intentional striking with your head, shoulder, forearm, elbow, or any part of the leg can be considered a foul(most framing allowed with regards to intention and force)
**2** All strikes must land above the thigh
**3** You cannot strike with the back or bottom of the hand
**4** No striking the back or back of the head (this is a rule made for safety irl, but it also dictates the style and flow of boxing as a whole)
**5** No grabbing your opponent from long range, shoving them, pushing their body down, tripping/sweeping legs/feet, or falling on top of them
**6** Do not duck so low that your head is below the waist or raise your leg as to cover your lower body, doing so can be considered a foul
**7** Clinching allowed as long as the fight is still engaged
**8** Single arm collar tie is allowed, under the condition that elbow does not pass their shoulder
**9** No double collar tie or wrapping arms around torso
**10** No striking a *down* fighter(when knee or above is touching the ground)
** 11** A knockdown is scored when a fighter is *down* from the direct result of striking
**12** A *down* fighter has 60 frames to return to their feet, exceptions when they only need a couple more turns
**13** If a knockdown is scored and the fighter cannot return to their feet, it may be scored a TKO/KO at the discretion of the judges
**14** Failure to keep the fight engaged may result in the loss of a point
**15** Repeated fouls can result in a point deduction

Kickboxing League




**1** Fighters are allowed to strike with punches and kicks to any part of the body, EXCLUDING the groin, the back, and the back of the head.
**2** Fighters are allowed to sweep and trip opponents, but not throw or slam, this means you are only allowed to make them fall by kicking their legs, or tripping them.
**3** Elbow and knee strikes are NOT allowed
**4** You are not allowed to strike or interfere with a downed fighter. For a fighter to be considered downed, their knee or anything above it must be touching the ground.
**5** For a knockdown to be considered a knockdown, it must have been caused directly by the opponent. Fighters slipping and falling, does not count as a knockdown.
**6** If a fighter is down and can't return to their feet within 60 frames, the fight will be ruled a TKO.
**7** Fighters must stay engaged in a fight. If a fighter doesn't engage in the fight for too long, they can lose a point.
**8** Clinching is only allowed if a fighter is trying to trip the other fighter, or if strikes are being thrown. If a fighter repeatedly without striking or trying to trip the other, it will count as not engaging in the fight.
**9** A fighter is allowed 2 fouls on the benefit of the doubt that they were accidental, but any foul afterwards will reduce one point from the round it happened in.
**10** If a foul causes the end of the fight, the fighter that won via a foul will be disqualified.
**11** don't cheese pls, have some courtesy ��
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