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I like the idea of having like a bank of moves that you can maybe preview and add to your move-memory, just no buying them. Easier kiai sound creator would be cool as well, I'm not sure how it would work with spotify though. Good effort though with these ideas.
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I think we need to focus a lot on keeping the beginners invested. Tutorials beginner inspired events. Things of that nature.

the collector thing seemed great for beginners as they were able to get prizes for creativity of replays and stuff, while experienced players were able to still enjoy it, i'd like to see more of that
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toribash battle royale mode when

Toribash 5.0, oh wait..
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Alright so Toribash is finally releasing on iOS soon and it seems like this is another big break for the game's popularity. It's time for the team's hard work advertising on every social platform to finally pay off. Now all the new TikTok bashers can immediately download the game and BASH straight from their mobile device. With that in mind, I have a few new proposals on how to get the new audience hooked for real this time.

Kiai to Spotify Link: Just like TikTok, Toribash should ditch the anything goes custom audio system in favour of a more ordered one. For one, this gets rid of a lot of the ear violation (new players wouldn't know how to disable the awful sounds people upload, I didn't even know for years) but will also provide more of a semblance to their native social platform. Imagine getting suplexed in ABD and then all you hear is "skibidi dob dob dob yes yes yes" or getting decapped in lenshu then "I gave a second chance to cupid" that would be so cool.

Designer Move Memory: The zoomer attention span is completely squandered and the best hope we have of retaining these players while also netting some cash is adding a move memory section to the shop. You will think this is ridiculous but new players will probably not even realize you can make your own by the time they've purchased one. They're already aquianted to the buisness model of purchasing emotes, just disguise them like they're fortnite dances. If Valve tricked me with the Mann Co. shop when I was a kid then it should work here too. This also helps to level the playing field, but not as much as my following proposal.

Votekick: We all know there is an extremely polarizing skill disparity in this game, even by a fighting game's standards. I've seen so many white belts with single-digit Qi counts lose once and then never log on again, like tears in rain. Custom belt [Obey]GluteCrusher breaks the winstreak counter to MANY in a public lobby and everyone's closed the game by now. Instead of a tragedy like this ever happening again, with this new feature, if half of the lobby votes to kick him, he's out for the next 24 hours.

Let me know what ygou guys think.

im one of the people who get many streaks in public lobbies, i just come home from work hop in boxshu and destress, why should i be punished for playing well? toribash doesnt have a big enough playerbase for me to fight equally skilled opponents whenever i want, hell even when i first started it was the same way, thats what inspired me, being a noob and seeing people that in my eyes looked like gods, and i wanted to be like that, seeing the crazy talented people destroying lobbies is what gave me my initial passion for the game
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Toribash 5.0, oh wait..

LOL, this is a very 2010 joke. The game hasn't changed at all since then though tbh
My on.toribash link stopped working a long time ago and the link started redirecting to some shady dating scam website so it's come to this.
Still a decent topic though you were trolling. Good job you played yourself.
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