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Y'all are hating on TK when Lenshu exists.

No skill involved in a hit and run. I'll die on this hill.

this cant be real
Replace it with sparkytkd or lowkido pls
You just lost the game
I am not a scammer
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Would be tk better without grabs? (very serious question)

I think this worse mod

very low frames and high gravity with no grab mean one kick/attack and both player fly away
The only cool thing I've witnessed in erthtk was when shmevin was split in half and did some voodoo shit to dq iTemp's wrist in time.
We should boycott the next season till it is removed. #RemoveErthTK
Son of the Serpant
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Replace it with sparkytkd or lowkido pls

worst suggestion
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i dont think i can name an active player that enjoys erthtk

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u expect me to wait 49 minutes in queue and get erthtk and have my wrist dm while perfectly predicting the opponents kick and then me flying out of the ring because the gravity sucks in this FUCKING outdated cancer DOGSHIT HORSESHIT FUCKING mod that NOBODY BUT COWMEAT AND WOEB ACTUALLY SPENT MORE THAN 1 WEEK OF THEIR FUCKING LIVES LEARNING TO PLAY

He spoke out against erthtkv2 and got banned. Think about it
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I'm willing to play regular tk or kickbox

if not, lets add judofrac?

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Replace it with sparkytkd or lowkido pls

might as well add daycare while we're at