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slightly graphic image of my acl surgeries

tore acl feb 2020 surgery april 1 2020, surgeon gave me nerve damage and said shit happens sometimes, ended up tearing it again sometime around aug 2020, became hermit for 9 months or so and then finally got the balls to have the 2nd surgery april 4 2021, still a work in progress ;p
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dislocated right kneecap 3 times now and tweaked my knee pretty badly last year, too broke for any surgery so no more explosive sports for me, and i feel the need to walk on eggshells especially with my right leg just cause im scared its gonna pop off my leg again, even tho ive done a lot of the exercises ive learnt in therapy
EMS (Emergency Medical Services)
I ran into the corner of a door as a kid and had to get staples in my head. That shit hurt bro...
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worst injury is broken wrist 1 time

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I ran into the corner of a door as a kid and had to get staples in my head. That shit hurt bro...

this explains a lot
fell off a bike and split my nuts open, got peer pressured into doing an offroad bike race when I was still kinda new to that shit and I slammed into a rock and went face first over the front, caught my nuts on some sticks and my friend eloquently described my balls as looking like a headcrab

slipped off of a wet bus roof and broke my arm BAD I think I tried to do a backflip I hardly remember it now

someone got salty over a loss in hockey and cracked my ribs by hitting me in the chest with a hockey stick

dislocated my elbow helping my brother move houses because he dropped the washing machine on my arm

fell backwards playing tag in primary school and got a GIGA concussion the world looked like cruelty squad

caught the skin of my back inside wardrobe doors and my brother pulled me off of it and tore a layer of skin off of my back, couldn't wear shirts

slammed my desk mad at a game and lost a chunk of skin from my pinky inside a mouse, worst bit is the chunk got lodged inside the mouse and broke it

when I was like 4 years old my mum used to hide the cookie jar in various places and I got real wise to this shit because I was a clever kid and I used to climb onto the counters and walk over to them but one time she left the oven hob on and i burned my feet real bad and landed on my coccyx

none of it compares to the various toe related injuries I've had both the short term and long term pain sucked, worst might have been when I accidentally kicked the edge of a sofa and my big toenail snapped upwards directly into the nailbed and caused like actually 2 weeks of almost no sleep because it would always catch on shit, one night I just got mad and ripped it off. more recently I was doing dishes and I got called out and a plate slipped out of my hands, tried to grab it but the grabbing motion ended up rocketing it towards my toe at an obscene rate and I ended up breaking my toe and it landed right on the very edge of the nail and it filled with an obscene amount of blood and the pulsing pain was like nothing else, limped around the hospital for like 3 hours for them to tell me what I already knew lmfao, what pissed me off the most was the plate wasn't even fucking scratched

was once stabbed in the eye with a stick in primary school because I tried to look over someones shoulder and they happened to stab a stick into my eye, didn't even go to the hospital for it I was just somehow ok tho I see slightly different shades lol

they were all pretty bad but long term the toe/toenail ones were so much more inconvenient, a lot of these I either passed out or the adrenaline kept it from hurting too bad but since they occurred in such mundane ways I didn't have that luxury and there's also just realistically not much they can do for that shit lol