No its not. U ont supposed to see what move ur opponent gonna do.

Could this maybe become an option then?
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Just wait till 5.0 beta comes..

I actually like 4.0 better than 5.0. .-.
My pet rock died today.
The real time ghosts are nice hampa, good work.
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Real time ghosts doesn't work.

/realtimeghost on.

i love the little toricreadit.. its golden an cool the flags are cool, where mine looks very good (.au)

the New zealand one .nz looks like a bad copy of mine with the red turned to to full saturation.
/ed {i like that too :P}

TY TY TY i love that TB is pay to look pretty NOT pay 2 play
Tyvm o wonderful MADGOD an the hampus behind it all.
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The real time ghosts are nice hampa, good work.

/realtimeghost on.

Lmbo, what am I suppose to see? Still not working...
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Lmbo, what am I suppose to see? Still not working...

The server has to have it enabled as well (/realtimeghost all|off|ops)

When on, you should see the joints do a jiggle and the ghost should change
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The option to invite someone to your room via steam does not work.

edit: the option to join someone's else room does not work as well.

edit2: Whenever I click to see my game achievements via steam, it just links me to my steam profile instead of showing my current progress with achievements.
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