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idk if this is a bug, Game Crashes when i click the triple bar thing (=)

that is indeed a bug as it didnt happen for me
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Known Bugs:

  • Any old running script will get terminated once you open main menu (this includes Torishop)
  • While viewing Home tab, events section will be displayed on top of other scripts that use toriui/uielement.lua manager (this includes clans ui, tc purchase screen and other recently added scripts)
  • Claiming daily reward may freeze and/or crash your game client

is there a standalone version of it?

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- when you open your own clan info, the buttons underneath (i.e. torishop) can be clicked
+ after this, the clan gui becomes stuck behind the menu and can't be closed
- rectangle can be seen in the back arrow in the clan gui
- our clan is #34 in the clan gui but shows as 200+ in the forum list
- clan GUI can be clicked through the matchmaking GUI

Related to compatibility issues between uielement.lua-powered scripts, listed among known bugs. Last one is unrelated to menu update, it's an issue with clan ranks on forum.

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- "7077993 players searching" for ranked game apparently

Can you replicate this and send me a screenshot?

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- can't find a login button (and /login only works in multiplayer) (need to restart game)
- if you're not logged in when the game starts, it shows the old login menu

Login screen was only available from old ui in this build.

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- i keep getting this error in chat: https://prnt.sc/j4vnth not sure why

Same issue as login reward crashes, fixed it in new build.

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- matchmake button bottom left still opens the old menu

Not a bug, we'll be removing the button closer to final release.

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- sometimes, when going from fullscreen to windowed (ctrl + enter), the menu becomes incorrectly scaled and some buttons are unclickable i.e. settings/discord/shiai http://prntscr.com/j4vt7y

Not exactly a bug, menu only checks resolution when getting launched. We'll look into updating it when changing window res.

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- when logged in, i have a "-1.#IND% win rate"

Related to earlier reported winrate bug, fixed it.

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- sometimes the mod maker just opens on top of the menu
- sometimes, the menu will stay open when i join a server and when i press escape to close it, it also closes the chat and the player list http://prntscr.com/j4vztu


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- matchmaking gui sometimes tells me im bronze, sometimes ELO hell. i'm unranked 0 games played
- daily reward doesn't open when searching for matchmaking

First one is a bug we fixed, second is done on purpose.

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idk if this is a bug, Game Crashes when i click the triple bar thing (=)

Same reason as game crashing when claiming reward

Sent 40k to Surge.
I got 2 shiai tokens in my deac, but does not appear in the game.
I got my sounds (kiai and other) on, but the game does not start them.
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I don't mean to shit post or anything, but I'm generally curious and I don't know where else I should post this. A few months ago Hampa announced that he and a few other developers were working on "Toribash Next"; a completely different game, that I'm sure you've heard about. But it worries me that there was a new update for this current client of Toribash. I understand that it's just a UI update, and that it doesn't take as much time as adding extreme amounts of content like in other games (ex. TERA, Rainbow Six Siege, etc.), but the fact that there was an update released in the form of artwork worries me to the point that I feel Hampa has slowed his roll on developing "Toribash Next". If you could reply to me confirming or denying my suspicions on this topic, that would be greatly appreciated
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