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I don't mean to shit post or anything, but I'm generally curious and I don't know where else I should post this. A few months ago Hampa announced that he and a few other developers were working on "Toribash Next"; a completely different game, that I'm sure you've heard about. But it worries me that there was a new update for this current client of Toribash. I understand that it's just a UI update, and that it doesn't take as much time as adding extreme amounts of content like in other games (ex. TERA, Rainbow Six Siege, etc.), but the fact that there was an update released in the form of artwork worries me to the point that I feel Hampa has slowed his roll on developing "Toribash Next". If you could reply to me confirming or denying my suspicions on this topic, that would be greatly appreciated

Sir and dranix did all of this update on current toribash afaik. I believe Sir did 99% of this update.
Hampa and Dranix are busy working on tb next. Everything is going smoothly : ) This update did not slow down any progress on Next, trust me.
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Okay so I found a bug that breaks the game... Had it happen 3/5 times now.

If you go into free play you can't open the menu, you have to close the game and re-open to do anything else.

Nothing else is having a problem it's just free play
The complete main menu is not working for me anymore,not even visible.

There are some errormessages.

here is a pic:

Also, the daily reward system has not worked for me for quite some time now.
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