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mmm can i join im 16 ummm im black belt so closs to 2nd dan my name is harmony in rl and yes i am a girl my rank is 2800 normally in the 1000's cus i hvant been on well i been on but havnt been playing been chatting and ummm im pro at judo ummmm im allright at akido i guess ummm yea im on normally every day mmmmm i got no idea what to say now=/
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girlz: Ha nice.
The problem is you're only black belt. I'll admit you, and if you promise to get to 3rd dan soon, you can remain in the clan.
Welcome to Wicked!
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Belt: Black Belt
Player's card:
Win percentage and QI: (included in players card)
Do you make textures? Nope, I wish i knew how!
Your best Mods: I dunno....
Can you headpass, run/parkour, etc.? I used to, before i quit for a few months.
Where you invited? Nope
Why do you want to join this clan: I want to start up and get more forum active, i want to become part of a group and have people i can rely on. Also, i took a break for toribash for a few months and just started up again.
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Unicyclefreak: I'm sorry, it's a no, because you are lower than 3rd dan and you have never posted in the forums before (unless this is an alt). BUT there is an exception. If you promise you will be an active forum poster and member ingame, and you be tested by one of the members of Wicked and they say you have exceptional skill, than I will accept you.
You can be tested by posting on Wicked's DSC and ask any player to test you for exceptional skill.
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Tested by Tookitooki.

Sorry bro. You can however reapply for Wicked once you reach 3rd dan and become a normal member (on this account) and I'll most likely let you in. We just need very active members who can post and be active almost every day.
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^ for the record unicycle u are not bad, but not good enough quite yet. just keep working on your skills, post on the forum, and by 3rd dan you should be ready to join
Hey play karate.tbm its fun!
Belt:2nd dan black belt
Player's card:

Win percentage and QI: (included in players card)
Do you make textures? used to but not any more
Your best Mods: aikido and judo
Can you headpass, run/parkour, etc.?run and headpasss
Where you invited? If yes, why and by who?tookitooki because im a nice guy and a good fighter( i think)
Why do you want to join this clan:Because tookitooki recommended me and it is a very nice clan with awsome members and WICKED fighters