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Please Help Adminstrators I was playing then I told who had head textures to visit my shop then two guys Punnki and Dianox i think muted me then began insulting me really bad here is the proof.

then I was kicked when I entered again I asked who did that the same black screen said I am God ,Hamapa or watever then I warned about that .here is wat happened I dont know how can some body do that without being an admin i mean kicking and muting others.

please help please Disable the account of who did that please they are considered a threat to the game

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Well, I can't see the pics, but I believe that you was in their server and therefore they can kick/mute/ban you from that server for any reason.
hey, Its a clan server so I think the have the right to do that.. because sometimes they are doing something..

But your image has been removed or deleted.

And the last one..

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So wat do i do they terribly insulted me

Post or PM the pics of them insulting you to an admin or just go to one of the other 119 servers.